Ash Street Interiors

Rosemary Wormley formed Ash Street Interiors in November 2015 to connect her passion for creating fresh, fun, beautiful spaces with the needs of modern families. Her interiors are a mix of clean lines, soft layers and calming palettes, with a nod to her East Coast origins. She finishes rooms with personal, playful and unexpected touches that infuse the home with the unique style and personality of the people who live there. A true believer in decorating with what you love, her goal is to create livable luxury by designing multi-functional spaces where families can gather, entertain, work and play. 

Meredith Salk joined Ash Street Interiors in October 2016. Coming from a successful design firm in Chicago, she brings a fresh perspective on color and pattern, boldly mixing both to create glamorous, energetic spaces. 

What Is Livable Luxury?

Livable luxury is design that can look and feel luxurious and still be livable, comfortable and fun. Life's too short to have rooms just for show. Your home can be equal parts fabulous and functional. A play space can be as beautiful as a living space and every space should be infused with your personality and style.