Design Consultation - You talk, we listen. Tell us what inspires you and how you want to feel when you walk in your home.  We make a plan together to create a look you love for one room or the entire home. 

E-Design - We work together to create a floor plan based on pictures and measurements you provide. You answer a few detailed questions so we can better understand your design goals. We create a detailed plan that includes a resource list and step by step install and styling instructions. And of course we'll be there - virtually - to help you along the way! 

Interior Design - First, we work to understand all the important details of your space, how you plan to use it, and how you want to feel when you walk into your home. Next, we create a detailed design plan that includes all the pieces that will make the project custom to you - paint, wallcoverings, rugs, fabric, window treatments, lighting, art, accessories and more. Finally, we review, revise, execute and install. The end result? A gorgeous, tailored space you love to live in.

New Construction/Remodeling - We work with your builder or recommend tradespeople to consult with from our team of architects and contractors. Our unique way of phasing the build and remodel process gives you the flexibility to bring us in for part or all of the project. We have experience completing both new build and remodel projects on time and within budget, assisting with everything from conceptual planning to designing and selecting all the finishes that go into creating a home.  We strive to have decisions made ahead of their due date, keeping the overall design vision at the forefront of everything from bathroom and kitchen design, to selecting counter tops, flooring, architectural details, cabinetry, millwork, lighting and even paint colors.  We love the construction process!